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About the CTP Spring Road Run

The event has been cancelled by the organisers.

Warminster, located in western Wiltshire county about halfway between Bath and Salisbury, gained some notoriety in the 1960s and 1970s for some UFO sightings. No one knows when the creatures from outer space will return, but if they choose early April and bring along a 20-year-old vehicle on wheels, they will be welcome to participate in the annual CPT Spring Road Run held in Warminster.

The CTP Spring Road Run entry form describes this event perfectly: There are no official stops, a day to enjoy yourself driving your pride and joy.

And what a drive it will be, about 70 miles through the Wiltshire countryside in springtime. This is not a race; it is more of a parade except you can stop wherever you like to stretch your legs or simply enjoy a few minutes in the fresh air. There will be a static display in the early afternoon at Crockerton Shopping Centre, just outside Warminster, where the road run terminates. The road run is open to commercial vehicles of all sizes and types, including public service vehicles. The vehicles should be at least 20 years of age and older, but a wink and a nod might get you in with a 19-year-old car. If it rains, we’ll ask our friends from the UFO with their advanced technology to move the storm to Ireland.

Commercial Transport in Preservation

The Commercial Transport in Preservation (CTP) group was first organized in 1998 as a club for commercial transport enthusiasts where 'like-minded people enjoy their particular pastime in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.' The club’s centre is in Salisbury, where indoor events are held during the cold months of winter, but membership extends nationwide.

Entry To The Event

The vehicles will begin to assemble at 9:30 a.m. at the Warminster Central Car Park in Wiltshire county with the run to begin promptly at 10.30 a.m. Our visitors from space will need to confirm that their vehicle uses petrol and not di-lithium crystals stolen from the USS Enterprise and Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The entry fee is £3 per vehicle for members of CTP, for non-members £5, but be sure to enter 10 days prior to the run. The late entry fees are £5 and £10 respectively. First-time participants not from Earth can join in for free.

Somewhere to Stay in Wiltshire

The Warminster area has many camping, 'glamping' and Caravan parks that are perfect for a large RV or even an alien spaceship. Hotels from the unassuming Travelodge to the elegant Bishopstrow Hotel and Spa are in plenty supply within a 5-10-mile radius of the Warminster Central Car Park.

Getting To Warminster Central Car Park

Depending on the size of their spacecraft, our alien participants can park it in a nearby Caravan park or simply beam their drivers to the starting location. From the A36 / A350 roundabout, human drivers will head southeast onto the B3414 (Bath Road). The road goes into Warminster to a roundabout where drivers will make a left turn onto Station Road. Look for the sign pointing to the library and make the left turn to the destination. Another option is to take the A36 to Devermill Road and head north. The road name changes to Weymouth, and that meets up with the B3414, where a right turn leads to the Car Park.

Other Things To Do Around Warminster

Visitors, especially our alien friends staying for a few days, can explore attractions in and near Warminster. Located less than 20 miles to the northwest is The Roman Baths, with the original Roman pavements, the ruins of the Temple of Sulis Minerva, and other Roman artefacts. Another place to see is Longleat House, about 5 miles to the east. This sensational Elizabethan house was built between 1568 and 1580 and features a maze and a safari park.

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We contacted Captain Picard and asked his advice about aliens in the CTP Spring Road Run. He advised that the event would not appeal to Vulcans as they view the run as frivolous and illogical. Ferengis, he said, would only try to sell worthless junk. His sternest warning was about Klingons or Romulans, and he advised that because they are warriors and thus ultra-competitive, to let them think that this is a race and simply let them cross the finish line first. The alternative is being the target of a phaser or photon torpedo.


When is the next CTP Spring Road Run?

The CTP Spring Road Run WAS planned to take place at Warminster Central Car Park, Station Road, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 9BT, Sunday 11th April, 2021. This is a Vintage Event.

Warminster Central Car Park
Station Road
BA12 9BT

Commercial Transport in Preservation
01747 823 365

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